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Traveling is a lot of fun, but don't let your vacation fall victim to scams, world events or changing regulations. By staying informed and being a careful consumer, your dream vacation can be everything you want it to be. 

ASTA Member Disciplinary Actions

Members and former members of ASTA who have been disciplined for violating our Code of Ethics or Bylaws over the past 36 months. View List

Consumers Beware

Non-members who are falsely claiming membership in or affiliation with ASTA by using our logo in advertising or on a website. View List

ASTA Volunteer Responders

ASTA members who have offered their services to help travelers in times of crisis. If you’re in need of specialized travel support in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. View List

TSA Pre™ Program

If you travel frequently, you may want to consider enrolling in one of the Trusted Traveler Programs administered by the U.S. Homeland Security Administration. The programs help you clear security, customs and immigration lines faster, saving you valuable time. View PDF

TSA Preis an expedited screening initiative that is expanding to airports across the country. A key component of the agency's intelligence-driven approach is for expedited travel for pre-approved, low risk travelers through dedicated lanes and kiosks. Read more.

Three Tools To Safely Carry Money/Documents While Traveling

If you are traveling abroad and have concerns about safeguarding your valuables, here are three tools you can use to keep money, credit cards and documents safe from thieves. Read more about different options for carrying money and documents while traveling.

Mobile Phones Abroad: What You Need to Know

Smartphones have become a staple in day to day existence and are becoming increasingly popular. Before you travel, get up to speed with our tips on how to avoid ensure your smart phone won't cost you a fortune when you travel abroad. Read more about if your phone work? And what are your options?

Full Body Scanning at Airports: What You Should Know

Full body scanners are here, and there are a few things you might want to know about the different types of scanners being used. More details.

Traveling With Your Prescription

The last thing you want to think about before you go overseas is your prescription medication. But countries' rules vary greatly and some prescriptions can be considered illegal. By knowing this ahead of time, you can make arrangements with your doctor for alternates before traveling. If you need to travel with a prescription(s), see these four key tips.

Things To Leave At Home While Traveling Abroad

Before closing your packed suitcase for that trip abroad, take a good look at what’s inside it. Ask yourself if you have packed anything that you would hate to lose. If so, you will still have time to pack something less valuable, instead. Read on for more tips on things to live at home.


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